Concrete/linoleum flooring


The base surface must be clean. Wash, rinse with water and allow to dry completely. Any oily patches should be removed using a solvent. When treating concrete, fresh concrete surfaces must be allowed to harden completely before treatment begins.

Treatment of linoleum floors must always be preceded by a test for any wax remnants, which should be carried out on a small area before work commences. If the varnish does not dry out or remains sticky, de-waxing with Xylen, or another suitable thinner, must be carried out before coating the whole surface.


Strong Floor Paint or Dimension Floor Paint are suitable products for pigmented surfaces, whilst Solo Universal Varnish is good for clear varnish surfaces. The first coat should be thinned out with 20% white spirit. Either a roller, brush or spray can be used. For higher scuff resistance, flakes can be mixed in to the paint with a subsequent overcoat of Solo Universal Varnish.


The whole floor area should be cleaned with ordinary floor cleaning agents according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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