Previously painted surfaces must be cleaned with special paint wash in order to remove any grease and dirt deposits.

Old ceilings should be tested first with a wet sponge in order to determine which paint type was previously used on the roof or ceiling. Old whitewash ceilings or lime coatings become unstable and cannot be painted over until they are resealed. Blocka Sealer is a suitable paint which also has a sealing effect. Blocka Sealer is also the right choice for ceilings which have been stained by nicotine, soot, or show signs of damp.

Fill in any uneven areas with a suitable filler. In the case of seams in new board material, the seam must first be strengthened with fibre strips. Sand the filler when it is dry. Wipe the surfaces clean of any sanding dust.


Ceilings must always be generously painted with plenty of paint on the roller in order to avoid the appearance of joins and a streaking effect on the surface. Always start painting from the window and move in towards the rest of the room. Avoid double coats. Paint the whole ceiling in one go. Given that the paint has a fine grain (stippling), in order to give it an even and subtle surface, it should be smoothed over after an even distribution across the surface. This implies that during painting, the roller should be dragged in the same direction, with the same pressure and pace, as was used for the still wet paint. All tops (grains) will then come to lie in the same direction and one avoids “holidays”, that is to say that the light reflects differently on the surface giving a patchy appearance as a result. For minimal light reflection and a warm light effect on indoor ceilings, we recommend  Eminent 2 Ceiling Paint, a full matt paint.


In the case of full matt paints, care must be taken when rubbing the surface as the rubbing action itself may cause a complete change in the brightness value of the surface. In this event, it might be easier to repair the damage by painting over with new paint. That said, the guideline is to use a weak mixture of a mild cleaning agent which is dried off with a cloth dampened with water. Black marks from metal objects are removed with a rubber eraser. Never use spirit solutions when cleaning latex paints.

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