Mineral facades


The surface shall be clean, firm and dry. Wash and rinse; where fungus is present, treat also with mould cleaner and allow to dry completely. Any loose scrapings of paint should be removed, scrubbed with a steel brush, or scraped off. Make sure that holes or cracks are filled.


Always prime with Betoprime, even on previously painted surfaces. Then apply 1-2 coats of Betopaint. Either a roller or brush can be used. After thinning, which can also be done with a spray, do not paint more (thicker) than is needed for good coverage. One coat will often suffice. The dispersal quality necessary for these surfaces functions at its best in this way.


Where the surface has become dirty or stained, this should be cleaned with facade wash and then well rinsed with water. Mould wash can also be used in the event of fungus growth.

 Betopaint Colorex2