Blocka Sealer

Full-matt and washable urethane alkyd-based sealer for renovation of indoor surfaces damaged by soot, nicotine and water, or other types of soiling. The urethane alkyd is diluted in isoparaffin. Will also seal knots in old panels if at least two coats are applied. Heavily bleeding knots may require knot varnish or shellac. Also suitable as ceiling paint, especially on suspended ceilings and/or whitewashed surfaces. Works great as a primer where high adhesion is required. Can be painted over with all types of paints. The alkyd binds soluble contaminants on first coat. The second coat provides a smooth and contaminant-free surface.

– Blocks almost everything
– Washable
– Full-matt

Available in White in 1L, 3L and 10L.
Previous name of this product is Sealer.

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