Titan facade paint

A self-cleaning and easily applied facade paint that provides an extremely durable result, a maximum shine and colour stability. Specially formulated for the Nordic climate with a new unique hybrid combination of polyurethane alkyd and acrylic, it gives surfaces a superb flexibility, minimal water absorption, is highly repellent of dirt and protects against mould even in shady areas. It contains the biocides IPBC, OIT and Diuron as shields against the onslaught of mould and algae.

Titan can be applied on new wood or wood surfaces previously painted with oil paint or acrylic paints. Lasyren gives a semi-gloss finish and is excellent for the painting of all types of outdoor wooden surfaces such as facades, fences, carports and storage sheds.



Unique hybrid combination

Protects against algae and mould

Highest UV-protection

Highest gloss and colour stability

Applies easily

15-year quality guarantee

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