Vagans 7 Wall paint

Vagans 7 is a matt, water based, styrene acrylic paint intended for walls and ceilings indoors. It is especially suited for top coating where a warm, silky matt surface is desired.
This pruduct has high coverage and richness. It is easily applied with a minimum of splash and provides a subdued, matt surface with a beautiful finish. High wash ability makes this paint suitable at home as well as in public environments. Suitable surfaces are concrete, plaster, fabrics, wall paper and earlier painted surfaces.

Vagans 7 is produced in Sweden, is included in Colorex Mix tinting system and Eco-labelled.

– Matt surface
– Scratchproof and dirt-repellent
– Easy to apply
– Washable

Available in White/A-base and C-base in 0,9L, 2,7L and 9L.
Previous name of this product is Innevägg 7.

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