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Eminent 2


Full matt paint for ceilings and walls, which gives a beautiful, gently shiny surface at a certain angle. Can be used on gypsum board, fabric, wallpaper and previously painted surfaces. Also suitable for concrete, plaster and aerated concrete where there is no risk of moisture penetration.

Technical details

Gloss: Fully-matte
Consumption: 8- m2/L
Dust dry: 1 h
Repaintable: 2 h
Application temp: Min +5°C
Tools: Brush, roller, air brush
Recycling: Do not pour remainings down the sink. Leave at waste collection center.
  • Namn.
    Article no.
  • Eminent 2 White 10L


Calculate paint amount
Calculate paint amount
You need in total approximately X liter paint of Eminent 2 for 1 stroke on a surface of 1 sqm
Note, calculation is an approximation and the true amount of paint needed may vary depending on the surface