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Woodwork primer Aqua


Primer for door frames, moldings and other wooden parts. The product has good adhesion to most substrates and is an excellent base for Klenod and Mästar varnishes. Lightweight and good flowability, which reduces visible brush strokes in the paint layer.

Technical details

Gloss: Fully-matte
Consumption: 8- m2/L
Dust dry: 2 h
Repaintable: 4 h
Application temp: Min +5°C
Tools: Brush, roller
Recycling: Do not pour remainings down the sink. Leave at waste collection center.
  • Namn.
    Article no.
  • Woodwork primer Aqua White 3L


Calculate paint amount
Calculate paint amount
You need in total approximately X liter paint of Woodwork primer Aqua for 1 stroke on a surface of 1 sqm
Note, calculation is an approximation and the true amount of paint needed may vary depending on the surface