Painting iron and metal surfaces

See our how to´s for painting iron and metal.

Painting iron and metal surfaces

Preliminary work 

Corrosion occurs when iron is oxidised, that is, when oxygen in the air comes in contact with bare iron. Salt and water speed up this process. Rust protection works in such a way that zinc phosphate (which is a base metal) falls victim to rust before iron does. A thick layer of Effekt Lackfärg is applied on top of the protective primer (rust protection primer), which prevents the acid from reaching the metal surface. If damage occurs in the dense layer, the primer will be absorbed and corroded instead of the iron. 

The substrate must be thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush or sandblast and all oil stains must be washed off with solvent. To prevent corrosion, the anti-corrosion primer must be applied immediately after cleaning. 


Dilute the first coat of Metall primer Classic with 20% solvent. The undiluted paint is applied as a second coat. Then apply two coats of Effekt Lackfärg. After dilution with 10-20% solvent, the primer should be applied with a brush, roller or spray to penetrate the substrate well.  


If the treated surface is damaged: clean the area with a wire brush, cover once with diluted primer and then once with undiluted primer. Then apply one coat of topcoat (Effekt Lackfärg) to the affected area and finally paint the entire surface with it. 


Om skador uppstått på en behandlad yta: stålborsta, fläckgrunda en gång med förtunnad primer och sedan en gång med oförtunnad. Fläckmåla sedan en gång med toppfärgen (Effekt Lackfärg) och stryk slutligen hela ytan med densamma.