What colour should you select?

Try our different colors in different environments to make it easier to choose the right color for your house, living room or terrace.

Selection of colours

Choosing a colour and a shade for your house is a source of anxiety for many. At Colorex, we don´t think of it as a problem. Of course, it is possible to mess it up, because a small sample of paint that looked so nice in the store did not turn out to be that shade at all. However, with a little preparation and a proper implementation, such costly mistakes are quite easy to avoid. 

Here are some key tips to help you get the results you want. 

The reason why the same colour is perceived differently is that the colour seems more intense and stronger on a larger surface. Of course, the colour perception is also affected by the colours (such as the furniture, paintings and textiles) it is viewed with. 

You could browse magazines or brochures before painting over the house. Most paint shops provide a colour card or a colour sample paint can, which enables you to take your time and cover a smaller area at home and see if you like the result.  

Disturbing tone differences can be avoided, by painting adjacent surfaces with a paint from the same can; it concerns broken tones. If this is not possible, the same batch, i.e. the cans with the same batch number on the label, should be used. To avoid colour differences, paint from a new can should be used, starting from the corner. 

Our colorcharts can be picked up from your nearest Colorex dealer

    Our color chart for facade painting contains 39 different colours. Click on the image to view it.
    Color chart indoor wall painting contains 48 different colors. Click on the image to view the color chart.