This is how we work to contribute to a better environment.

Extend life, create sustainability! 

By taking care of furniture, buildings, engines, vehicles and other investments, we can extend their lifespan, which is an easy way create sustainability. Both from an environmental and an economic point of view. Our high-quality products offer long-term protection from the weather, wind and other effects.  

Our product development is based on the use of the most healthy and environmentally friendly raw materials possible. Colorex’s product range includes a wide range of water-based and eco-labelled products. 


The nordic Swan

The Nordic Swan is the official Eco-label for goods and services in more than 60 product groups in the Nordic countries. The evaluation process for the Swan Ecolabel examines the product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from raw materials to waste material, and assesses compliance with functional and quality requirements. The Nordic swan eco-label is a type I label, which means that the evaluation and approval of new eco-labelled products is carried out by an independent party (Miljömärkning Sverige AB on behalf of the Swedish government) and is done on a life-cycle basis. 

On the Nordic Swan Ecolabel website, you will find a complete list of Colorex Nordic Swan Ecolabel products: You can also find them by filtering the eco-labels on our website, for example here

EU Ecolabel  

The EU Ecolabel, also known as the EU flower, is the European equivalent of the Nordic Swan and one of the world’s leading eco-labels. It is a type I label, similar to the Nordic swan. This means that the label is independent, life-cycle based and takes into account a holistic approach when developing criteria. 

You can also find them by filtering the eco-labels on our website, for example here


Emission classification  

Class M1 

M1 is the abbreviation for the voluntary classification of emissions from construction materials in Finland. Class M1 ensures that the content of construction materials does not exceed strict emission and odor requirements. Class M1 includes BAT, formaldehyde, ammonia and odour criteria. 

You can find a selection of putty and glues of Colorex M1 class here

Other markings 

CE marking 

Construction products covered by a harmonised standard must bear the CE marking and the declaration of performance in order to be marketed in the EU. This certifies that the product meets the requirements of the standard.  

Disposal of paint residues, tools and packaging 

Paint residues 

Do not empty into drains. Waste paint can be stored in open jars for a long time, but paint that you no longer want to use must be taken to a waste disposal centre. 

Painting tools 

The painting tools used for painting in the following days will remain usable in an airtight plastic bag. Brushes and rollers that are no longer used can be disposed of as normal household waste after the paint has dried. If you want to use the brush or roller again later, you can clean them in a bucket of water. Remember that this water must not be discharged into drains or the environment, but must be taken to a waste disposal centre. 


Empty paint cans that do not have a skull or dead fish warning symbol must be taken to a collection point for recycling.