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Primer Oil Aqua

Paint outdoors, Primer

Deep-acting primer oil for outdoor or overpainting of wood outdoors. Use as a primer in painting work, prevents cracking.

Technical details

Gloss: Depending on the substrate
Consumption: 4-8 m2/L
Dust dry: 1 h
Repaintable: 3 h
Application temp: Min +5°C
Tools: Brush
Recycling: Do not pour remainings down the sink. Leave at waste collection center.


Before applying the product
Always start by reading the instructions on the container, and remember to be meticulous from the very start of the paint job. The proper tools and careful preparations, are prerequisites for successful results. Stir the product thoroughly before you start applying it. The ambient temperature is another factor that determines the end result. Do not apply the product if it is colder than +8°C. The surface to be treated must be clean, dry and solid. Wash any previously painted surface with a mold and algae removal agent and rinse with water. If there is mold on the surface it must treated with a suitable product.


Applying the product
The product must be allowed to penetrate the wood, but not to form a film. Avoid getting shiny spots on knots and saturated wood by wiping with a rag and water. Be particularly careful at joints and end pieces.


After applying the product
Wipe the tools carefully before cleaning them in water with some detergent. Close the lid of the container properly before storing it out of reach of children. Any residue of the product should not be disposed of in the drains, but should be disposed of in a proper and approved manner. We care about the environment, and so should you. NB! Rags contaminated with Primer Oil Aqua may ignite spontaneously, and they must be neutralized by drenching with water or burning.

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    Article no.
  • Primer Oil Aqua 10L
  • Primer Oil Aqua 1L
  • Primer Oil Aqua 3L
Calculate paint amount
Calculate paint amount
You need in total approximately X liter paint of Primer Oil Aqua for 1 stroke on a surface of 1 sqm
Note, calculation is an approximation and the true amount of paint needed may vary depending on the surface