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Joint Filler J

Paint indoors, Filler & Adhesive

Universal filler especially suitable for taped joints. Also suitable for plastering walls and ceilings indoors. Polished surfaces must be cleaned of dust before painting and wallpapering. Papered surfaces must be covered with glue before wallpapering.

Technical details


The surface to be treated must be clean, dry and consolidated. It is important that the ambient temperature is not below +5°C when applying the product! Use a steel spatula to apply the product. The drying time is affected by thickness of the product layer, temperature, humidity, surface, etc. Use eye and face protection and do not breathe the dust created by sanding the product. The sanded surface must be wiped down before proceeding with further treatment such as painting and wallpapering. The surface should first have an application of glue if it is to have wallpaper; see the recommendations from the manufacturer. Tools are to be cleaned with water after use.

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  • Joint Filler J 10L