It is important to select the correct product for the job. Dependant on what you paint and the glossiness you desire, Colorex has a range of high-quality wall paints. Read more about the various products here (link). Protect the floor, mouldings and windows using masking tape and floor protection such as rosin paper. The surface should be clean and dry. Apply putty and sand any irregularities in the surface. 

We recommend that you use a 50 or 70 mm angled brush for the area near the ceiling and near the mouldings. Apply two coats of Colorex wall paint. Use a roller, minimum 18 cm wide (the packaging usually states the size). Make sure the roller does not lose any hair by first rinsing it in water before use. Do you need to take a break? But the brush and the roller in a plastic bag. Remove all air as best as you can. You can continue using your tools after having had your break. 

Read more how to proceed on our page with hints and advice (link), and on the product package. Good luck!