Betosil 9L
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Paint outdoors, Masonry, Plaster and concrete paint, Fasadfärg puts

A highly opaque, diffusion-open plaster paint that is colour-durable for façades and plaster
bases, concrete and Eternit.
Allows the substrate to breathe and reduces risk of frost-wedging.

Technical details

Gloss: Matt
Consumption: 4-8 m2/L
Dust dry: 1 h
Repaintable: 2-4 h
Application temp: Minimum +5°C
Tools: Brush, roller, air brush
Storage: Frost free
Recycling: Do not pour remainings down the sink. Leave at waste collection center.


Mix thoroughly.

Unpainted plaster and concrete:
1. Brush off loose particles. Repair cracks and holes.
2. Apply Betosil with minimum two coats.

Previously painted surfaces:
1. Remove loose plaster/paint. Repair cracks and holes. Wash with Façade Wash
(remember to protect the windows). Rinse with water. Let dry completely.
2. Apply Betosil once or twice.

  • Name
    Article no.
  • Betosil Bas-C 9 L
  • Betosil Bas-C 2,7 L
  • Betosil Vit/Bas-A 9 L
  • Betosil Vit/Bas-A 2,7 L
Calculate paint amount
Calculate paint amount
You need in total approximately X liter paint of Betosil for 1 stroke on a surface of 1 sqm
Note, calculation is an approximation and the true amount of paint needed may vary depending on the surface