11508201_Rullspackel medium 10L
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Roll Filler Medium

Paint indoors, Filler & Adhesive

Easy to apply filler. Perfect for plastering and repairing interiors when good performance is required. The filler is suitable for roller filling, spray application and grouting of gypsum boards with a machine.

Technical details

Colour: Grey
Solvent: Water
Fillness: Max 4 mm
Grain: Max 0,2 mm
Density: ap: 1,1 kg/L
Weight dry content: ap. 62 %
Application: Roller, spray or wide putty tool
Drying time: 1 hour per mm
Using temp: +5°C – +35°C
Cleaning tools: Water
Storing: Max. 12 month
Other: Use safety glasses and mouth protection when grinding


The substrate must be dry, clean and well bound. It is important that the surface temperature is not lower than +10°C! The putty is applied with a long-haired roller, or wide putty. The drying time is affected by layer thickness, temperature, humidity, substrate etc.

Safety glasses and a respirator should be used when grinding. The sanded surface must be dusted off before further treatment such as painting and wallpapering takes place. If the surface is to be wallpapered, the surface should be pre-glued, follow the wallpaper manufacturer’s recommendations.

Clean tools with water after use.

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