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Wallpaper Adhesive

Paint indoors, Filler & Adhesive

Prepared adhesive for paper wallpaper and paper backing for acrylic or vinyl wallpaper.

Technical details

Material consumption: Approx 6 m²/l
Drying time: Depends off the surface, temperatur and air.
Application tools: Brush, roller or machine
Application temperature: +18 – +25 degrees
Cleaning of tools: Water
Storage: Max 12 month unopened


Should be applied to a clean, dry and repaired surface. Sand and wash any previously painted surface before applying the product. Prime any absorbent surface using the product diluted 50:50 with water. Wipe off any excess glue from paper wallpaper as these may leave shiny spots.


Must be stored in a dark and cool environment, +10⁰C to +20⁰C. Any opened container must be resealed properly. Protect from frost and store away from the reach of children.

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  • Wallpaper Adhesive 5L